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Is your orchid enjoying itself so much that its roots are starting to grow outside the pot? Then you can repot your orchid with this repot set!

With the repot set you will receive two repotting pots, one bag of orchid potting soil and one bottle of Pokon Orchid Nutrition. The repotted pots are 3cm higher and 3cm wider than the standard 12cm pot. This gives the plant enough space to grow further. Furthermore, just like the standard pot, the repotting pot has holes at the bottom where excess water and moisture can leave the pot, so that the roots do not suffocate and rot. You fill the pot with orchid potting soil and spoil the plant with extra water with orchid food.

Attention! With their 14cm height and 15cm width, these pots are larger than the standard pot, so that the plant no longer fits in 12cm decorative pots.


  • Two repot pots
  • One bag of orchid potting soil (750 grams)
  • One bottle of Orchid Nutrition (250ml)

Repotting Tips 

  • Do not repot the orchid when it blooms
  • After repotting, give the orchid extra water (with orchid food)
  • Not all orchids will like repotting and may die after repotting.


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